IT organizations have an unyielding and formidable mission.

They must transition to an environment that fulfills the need of their customers, who have to react to the public’s expectation for services that leverage the best advances in technology. Yet, they lack the visibility to fully understand the impact that this transition will have on the financial and operational requirements of the business.

ClearInsight bridges this visibility gap with factual actionable intelligence that's based on a validated baseline of IT assets and services. It provides stakeholders with the capability to drive initiatives to improve operational effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and ROI; without compromising IT service delivery throughout this transition.

Optimizing IT Service Delivery Initiatives:

  • Create an audit-ready framework that monitors the moves, adds, and changes for IT asset and services
  • Identify cost takeout for IT assets and services that exhibit a pattern of zero or minimal usage
  • Map software procurements to requirements, based on usage and criticality
  • Develop a baseline of IT assets and services to accurately resource and negotiate contract renewals
  • Drive fact-based software true-ups and migrations to best value enterprise license agreements
  • Establish organizational accountability with an IT showback or chargeback system
  • Use actionable intelligence to drive systematic strategic sourcing and rationalizations