Our cloud based solution has been constructed to provide stakeholders with the decision support to improve the financial and operational resourcing of their enterprise’s IT assets and services.

Accordingly, our solution architecture is guided by the following fundamentals:

  • Deliver a comprehensive understanding of IT assets and services through trusted actionable intelligence
  • Serve as an audit-ready platform for repeatable governance and accountability
  • Identify areas for operational and cost improvements

Audit-Ready Environment & Decision Support Established

  • Delivered as cloud-based actionable business intelligence
  • Updated continuously through service management

Service Management and Business Reporting Implemented

  • Asset and service movement assessed, verified, and aligned
    to develop a Single Point of Truth
  • Gap and non-compliant information provided to reconcile
    source systems
  • Relationships and metadata mapped for comprehensive
    Business Reporting

Information Sources Captured

  • Structured/Unstructured data identified, transferred, and loaded
  • Data normalized and converted to common format
Solution architecture