The accelerated transition to IP-based telecom services is apparent, but many enterprises will continue to use traditional circuit-based services, in spite of it's declining usage and utility. Why? Because they are not convinced that IP-based services can provide the same level of security and reliability that they need and receive from their current circuit-based services.

Unfortunately, due to insufficient visibility, the costs of these circuit-based services have not declined in proportion to their diminished usage and utility.

ClearInsght provides the enterprise with a governance solution that drives the alignment of telecom service delivery costs with the actual requirements of both IP and circuit based services.

Optimizing Telecom Service Delivery Initiatives:

  • Create an audit-ready framework that captures the inventory, configuration, and movement of all services
  • Validate the accuracy of vendor bills with detailed exception reporting and analysis
  • Identify services and features that are being used and those that exceed requirements
  • Validate that the rates being charged are consistent with contracted rates
  • Develop a repeatable method for allocating charges from consolidated bills to business units
  • Establish organizational accountability with an IT showback or chargeback system
  • Use actionable intelligence to drive systematic strategic sourcing and rationalizations

For further information, please review our Telecommunications case study:

ClearInsight Telecom Service Delivery(PDF, 56KB)