The convergent functionality of desktops, laptops, and cell phones to smart phones and tablets has brought forth a compelling demand for mobile computing and Wi-Fi connectivity that is fast and easily accessible.

The speed and universal reach of cellular services fulfills this demand, but it comes at a price.

ClearInsght provides the business with the capability to align cellular services with the needs of their users, in the most
cost-effective manner.

Optimizing Cellular Service Delivery Initiatives:

  • Create an audit-ready framework that captures the inventory, configuration, and movement of all services
  • Align the existing "pool structure" with service usage patterns, to reduce plans that exceed requirements
  • Develop vendor rationalizations and optimize plans to reduce rates
  • Simplify service management to reduce costs
  • Validate the accuracy of vendors' bills with detailed exception reporting and analysis
  • Identify service mishandling and/or non-compliant procedures, and the root cause analysis to fix them
  • Establish organizational accountability with a cellular service delivery showback or chargeback system
  • Use actionable intelligence to drive systematic strategic sourcing and rationalizations

For further information, please review our cellular service delivery document:

ClearInsight Cellular Service Delivery(PDF, 439KB)